Estampaciones y Mecanización
Estampages et Mecanisation

Troquelería Universal, S.A. is a company specialized in stamping and manufacturing of metal parts and boilermaking structures, with resources to respond to a changing and competitive environment, meeting the demand for industrial components and elements for their integration in any project according to the highest levels of quality and technical standards.

With a primary focus on a continuous effort to provide reliable, economical and precision technical solution, Troquelería Universal, S.A. has been offering an increasingly array of specially customized solutions to satisfy the requirements of an also growing number of customers at a local and international level.

Our Product Line

Troquelería Universal, S.A. has been providing the highest quality products since 1964.

In addition to our production of boilermaking and industrial components, we manufacture a complete range of anchoring fasteners and bolds for refractory and thermal insulation elements, dampers, special washers and practically any customized metallic elements.

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We will be glad to provide you any technical information you need in relating to any project.

In the case of interest in the cost of any project related to our activity, just ask for an estimate and you will receive a detailed proposal, including technical information and delivery times.

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