Línea de Producción
Ligne de Production

Production Line

Conscious of the importance of a proper planning and structure of the work to ensure the most precise and correct results when competing in the current global market whilst dealing with traditional issues and patters, we have developed and improved a production process to achieve the highest level of quality and satisfaction in our products and customers by following an effective working methodology divided in four phases.

Analysis of Customer Needs and Requirements

Starting with a detailed study and analysis of each project by bringing together a team of experts professionals able to determine its particularities and requirements, and propose the best way to be successfully implemented.

Design of Prototypes and Preproduction Components

After a selection of the most adequate materials and manufacturing methods, a first prototype or model is made to carry out the neccesary test and determine the most appropriate way to improve the final product.


We count on a fully equipped workshop with all the necessary machinery and tools to meet any order for stamping supplies, machining of a wide range of metallic components and boilermaking.

Among them, 20/100-ton presses, 2500mm sheet metal bender, 3000/12mm sheers, lathes, milling machines, drillers, CNC Plasm, metal belt saws; and electric, semiautomatic and TIG welders.

All that it is neccessary to guarantee the highest level of satisfaction to each and every of our customers.

Troquelería Universal, S.A. - Production Line

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