Instalaciones y Equipamiento
Installations et Equipements

Facilities and Equipment

Troquelería Universal, S.A. is a company with a long path in the manufacturing and commercialization of metallic components and boilermaking, which has been adapting over time to the needs of a technical market in constant evolution and change, acquiring new machinery and equipment, and incorporating more sophisticated solutions and techniques to modernize and improve its production processes to its present condition as an organization with resources and means to provide any solution to an increasingly exacting clientele at a local and international level.

Troquelería Universal, S.A. - Facilities
Troquelería Universal, S.A. - Facilities and Equipment

Calle Susunaga, 18 - 48903 Barakaldo (Bizkaia) Spain
Telf.: 00 34 94 485 13 59 / Fax: 00 34 94 485 15 35 / E-Mail:

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